EnergoAqua Line


Water supplied Radiant Panels for heating or cooling. Can be used free-hanging, surface mounted or integrated in a suspended ceiling. Would suit any commercial, retail or education application. Available in three different widths with an output of up to 700W/linear meter.


EnergoAqua Line, EAL, consists of three parts, the reflective plate, insulation and the water carrying pipes. CE marked and manufactured in accordance with EN 14037.
The panel compromises of a 0.6 mm aluminium plate which is cold pressed into optimal shape, the insulation consists of 28 mm thick polyurethane foam. The pipes are made from copper in diameter Ø 12, 15 or 22 mm. Maximum working pressure 6 Bar.

Design and Function

The surface plate encapsulates the copper pipes maximising the contact surface leading to a highly efficient radiant panel.
The warm water which circulates through the pipes conducts heat to the surface plate, warming the underside of the panel. The increased temperature of the panel enables radiant heat being emitted to cooler surfaces in the room.

Technical Specification

Width: EAL is available in three different widths 400 mm (2 pipes), 800 mm (4 pipes) or 1200 mm (6 pipes).
Length: EAL can be made to any length in 100 mm increments from 1000 mm. Each panel can be made to a maximum length of 6 m, but several panels can be inter connected to a maximum length of 25 m minimising installation times.
Connections: Panel connections are Ø 12, 15 or 22 mm, with smooth straight pipe ends.
Inter-connections: Panels can be inter-connected using smaller sections to make panel runs of up to 25 m. Panel sections will be either beginning, middle or end sections all connected using press-fittings. Panels can be supplied in different versions to accommodate for serial or parallel connections to manage flow rates and pressure drops.
Installation: EAL can be installed free hanging from the ceiling using the included hangers but are equally suitable for surface mounting or ceiling integration.

Further information regarding capacities, pressure drops, flow rates and connection options along with accessories and controls can be obtained from our technical brochure.

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